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Après les heures de bureau ou pendant les fonctions de l'entreprise où lestéléphones ne répond pas, vous pouvez utiliser notre adresse e-mail ou Livechat par le coin inférieur droit de laisser un message.

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Our Commitment to Quality

Elabscience is committed to developing and manufacturing  innovative, high-quality reagents in Immunology. By providing more than 20,000 porducts,  we guarantee our customers worldwide obtaining  exceptional results by using reagents that offer a new standard of excellence  such as innovation, quality and value.

Quality Control Processes

1) The product would be strictly tested in the research and development stage to confirm its stability and to reduce the difference among lots and within a lot.

2) Each goods are inspected before delivery, the failed one would not be delivered.

3) If the experimental results fail to satisfy the operator, our technical expert would analysis the same batch of products and the returned reagents of our customers to find the cause. If the problems lie in our product, we accept user return or exchange the products. If the problems lie in operation of the experiment, we would endeavor to find problems during performance to help operator correct their methods, hoping they could get their expected results.