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Business hours:


After business hours or during company functions when telephones not answered, you may use our Email address or Livechat in the lower right corner to leave a message.

Tel: 1-240-252-7368



Upon registration, you’ll receive $50 vouchers from us




From now on, new members registering in the official website of elabscience can obtain $50 vouchers. So come to join us!

How to obtain vouchers?

After registering successfully, new members will receive our vouchers in their registered E-mails.

Activity descriptions:    

1. Any user who registers the website maliciously will be disqualified.
2.To ensure the activity goes smoothly, the registered information needs to be checked when the voucher is used. So the user should fill his real information when registering.
3.This voucher can only be used to purchase products from elabscience, but cannot be exchanged into cash.
4. This voucher is effective in the long term, but it can be used only once.
5.If you have any question during the activity, please contact us.