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FITC Labeling Kit

The FITC Labeling Kit of Elabscience offering a collection of reagents required for FITC labeling, is designed to label antibody with amidogen(NH2-). The specially treated FITC in the kit can be useddirectly. The reagents are enough for approximately 3 labeling reactions each containing 0.1-2mg of antibody or other protein. Each kit includes 3 Filtration tubes for desalination of antibody labeling without the need for dialysis.The whole procedure is simple and can be completed in 100min in proficient operation.

Product Introduction



All-inclusive The kit provides all the reagents required for FITC labeling.

 Quick: The whole procedure takes only 100min.

 Convenient:Desalination can be achieved by Filtration tube, sparing the need for dialysis or gel filtration.

 Flexible:The procedure can be easily adapted to both small and large scales, with 0.2-2mg of protein labeled each time.

 Perfect   results:The kit has been optimized to determine the optimum labeling ratio of FITC to antibody, lowering the possibility of protein inactivation resulted from excess FITC labeling.

 Cat. No.EBF0003
Reactive GroupAmine  group (-NH2)
Size1 kit
Amount            3 reactions
StorageThe kit is stable for 1 year at 2-8°C before opening.



Labeling    Buffer




Filtration    tube


Protein bonds covalently to FITC by thiourea connection as free amino groups of lysine residues in the protein molecule can react with nucleophilic FITC.

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