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 Reference Title:P2RX7 sensitizes Mac-1/ICAM-1-dependent leukocyteendothelial adhesion and promotes neurovascular injury during septic encephalopathy  Download
 Source Magazine:  Cell Research
 Used Products  E-EL-M0018   E-EL-M0267

 Reference Title:Protective effects of metformin on reproductive function in obese male rats induced by high-fat diet  Download
 Source Magazine: Journal of Assisted Reproduction and Genetics
 Used Products  E-EL-0072c  E-EL- R0391c  E-EL-0065c

 Reference Title:Disruption of TIM-4 in dendritic cell ameliorates hepatic warm IR injury through the induction of regullatory T cell  Download
 Source Magazine:  Molecular Immunology
 Used Products  E-CL-M0047c

 Reference Title:Interleukin-17: A cardiac biomarker in estimation of cardioprotective effects of tacrolimus in doxorubicin-induced cardiotoxicity: animal model study  Download
 Source Magazine:  International Journal of Recent Scientific Research
 Used Products  E- EL-R0566

 Reference Title:Neutrophil serine proteases and their endogenous inhibitors in coronary artery ectasia patients  Download
 Source Magazine:  Anatol J Cardiol
 Used Products  E-EL-H2340  E-EL-H0965   E-CL-H0831   E-CL-H1440   E-CL-H1228  

 Reference Title:A Novel Swine Model of Spontaneous Hypertension With Sympathetic Hyperactivity Responds Well to Renal Denervation  Download
 Source Magazine:  American Journal of Hypertension
 Used Products  E-EL-H0344  E-EL-0045   E-EL-0047

 Reference Title:Preservation of high-fat diet-induced femoral trabecular bone loss through genetic target of TNF-α  Download
 Source Magazine:  Endocrine
 Used Products  E-EL-H0185   E-EL-H0835

 Reference Title:Intranasal administration of CpG oligodeoxynucleotides reduces lower airway inflammation in a murine model of combined allergic rhinitis and asthma syndrome  Download
 Source Magazine:  International Immunopharmacology
 Used Products E-EL-H0101   E-EL-H0191   E-EL-H0104

 Reference Title:Protective Effects of Infliximab on Lung Injury Induced by Methotrexate  Download
 Source Magazine:  Archivos de Bronconeumología (English Edition)
 Used Products E-EL-R0167  E-EL-R1220

 Reference Title:Effects of nitrate on metamorphosis, thyroid and iodothyronine deiodinases expression in Bufo gargarizans larvae  Download
 Source Magazine:  Chemosphere
 Used Products  E-EL-R0002   E-EL-R0390  

 Reference Title:Protective effects of berberine against doxorubicin-induced cardiotoxicity in rats by inhibiting metabolism of doxorubicin  Download
 Source Magazine: Xenobiotica
 Used Products  E-EL-R1327

 Reference Title:Evaluation of Monocyte Chemoattractant Protein-1 (MCP-1) in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus  Download
 Source Magazine:  International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research
 Used Products  E-EL-H0020   E-EL-H0110   E-EL-H1605

 Reference Title:Efectos protectores de infliximab sobre el daño pulmonar inducido por metotrexato  Download
 Source Magazine:  Archivos de Bronconeumología
 Used Products  E-EL-R0167

 Reference Title:Edible Bird’s Nest Prevents High Fat Diet-Induced Insulin Resistance in Rats  Download
 Source Magazine:  Journal of Diabetes Research
 Used Products E-EL-R0582  E-EL-R0023

 Reference Title:Potential Effects of Calcium Binding Protein S100A12 on Severity Evaluation and Curative Effect of Severe Acute Pancreatitis  Download
 Source Magazine:  Inflammation
 Used Products  E-EL-M1036

 Reference Title:Radix Dipsaci total saponins stimulate MC3T3-E1 cell differentiation via the bone morphogenetic protein-2/MAPK/Smad-dependent Runx2 pathway  Download
 Source Magazine:  Molecular Medicine Reports
 Used Products E-EL-R0243

 Reference Title:Dendritic cells enhance UHMWPE wear particle-induced osteoclast differentiation of macrophages  Download
 Source Magazine:  Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part A
 Used Products E-EL-M0049   E-EL-R0633

 Reference Title:Diet-Induced Obesity in Male C57BL/6 Mice Decreases Fertility as a Consequence of Disrupted Blood-Testis Barrier  Download
 Source Magazine:  PLoS One
 Used Products E-EL-M0511

 Reference Title:FAM19A3, a novel secreted protein, modulates the microglia/macrophage polarization dynamics and ameliorates cerebral ischemia  Download
 Source Magazine:  FEBS Letters
 Used Products  EBLK0002

 Reference Title:Osteoprotective effects of estrogen membrane receptor GPR30 in ovariectomized rats  Download
 Source Magazine: The Journal of Steroid Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
 Used Products E-EL-R0939   E-EL-R0279

 Reference Title:Cardio-protective effects of cyclosporine in doxorubicin cardiotoxicity and regarding assessment of Interleukin-17 in assessment as biomarker of cardiac injury: animal model study  Download
 Source Magazine:  Advances in Biomedicine and Pharmacy
 Used Products  E-EL-R0566   E-EL-0060   E-EL-H0843

 Reference Title:Preparation of human tau exon-2- and -10-specific monoclonal antibodies for the recognition of brain tau proteins in various mammals  Download
 Source Magazine:  International Journalof Molecular Medicine
 Used Products  EBLK0002

 Reference Title:Intranasal Dexmedetomidine on Stress Hormones, Inflammatory Markers, and Postoperative Analgesia after Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery  Download
 Source Magazine:  Mediators of Inflammation
 Used Products  

 Source Magazine:  World Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
 Used Products E-EL-M2614   E-EL-M0002    E-EL-M0039

 Reference Title:Plasma Levels of C1q/TNF-Related Protein 1 and Interleukin 6 in Patients With Acute Coronary Syndrome or Stable Angina Pectoris  Download
 Source Magazine: American Journal of the Medical Sciences
 Used Products  

 Reference Title:Lentivirus-induced knockdown of LRP1 induces osteoarthritic-like effects and increases susceptibility to apoptosis in chondrocytes via the nuclear factor-κB pathway  Download
 Used Products E-EL-R0045    E-EL-R2430

 Reference Title:Diet induced hyperhomocysteinemia increases intestinal inflammation in an animal model of colitis  Download
 Source Magazine:  Journal of Crohn's and Colitis
 Used Products  

 Reference Title:Biomarkers of Alzheimer Disease, Insulin Resistance, and Obesity in Childhood  Download
 Source Magazine:  pediatrics
 Used Products  

 Reference Title:Rewritable magnetic fluorescence-encoded microspheres: preparation, characterization, and recycling  Download
 Source Magazine:  Journal of Materials Chemistry C
 Used Products E-EL-M0693    SAEP041    SAEP021

 Reference Title:Electroacupuncture at the governor vessel and bladder meridian acupoints improves postmenopausal osteoporosis through osteoprotegerin/RANKL/RANK and Wnt/β?catenin signaling pathways  Download
 Used Products  E-EL-R0050   E-EL-R0841

 Reference Title:Ethanol directly induced HMGB1 release through NOX2/NLRP1 inflammasome in neuronal cells  Download
 Source Magazine:  Toxicology
 Used Products  E-CL-H0997   E-EL-R0505  

 Reference Title:Ghrelin ameliorates intestinal barrier dysfunction in experimental colitis by inhibiting the activation of nuclear factor-kappa B  Download
 Source Magazine: Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications
 Used Products  E-EL-M0049   E-EL-M0048   E-EL-M0037   E-EL-M0044   E-EL-M0046   E-EL-M0047

 Reference Title:Effect of chronic left ventricular unloading on myocardial remodeling: Multimodal assessment of two heterotopic heart transplantation techniques  Download
 Source Magazine:  The Journal of Heart and Lung Transplantation
 Used Products E-EL-R0624  E-EL-R0618

 Reference Title:Role of Rho Kinase Inhibition in the Protective Effect of Fasudil and Simvastatin Against 3-Nitropropionic Acid-Induced Striatal Neurodegeneration and Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Rats  Download
 Source Magazine:  Molecular Neurobiology
 Used Products E-EL-R0019

 Reference Title:Brain thromboxane A2 via arachidonic acid cascade induces the hypothalamic–pituitary–gonadal axis activation in rats  Download
 Source Magazine:  Autonomic Neuroscience
 Used Products E-EL-R0391   E-EL-R0451   E-EL-R0026  

 Reference Title:Enhanced oral bioavailability of insulin using PLGA nanoparticles co-modified with cell-penetrating peptides and Engrailed secretion peptide (Sec)  Download
 Source Magazine:  Taylor & Francis
 Used Products E-EL-R0023

 Reference Title:I-gel Laryngeal Mask Airway Combined with Tracheal Intubation Attenuate Systemic Stress Response in Patients Undergoing Posterior Fossa Surgery  Download
 Source Magazine:  Mediators of Inflammation
 Used Products E-EL-H0572   E-EL-H1027

 Reference Title:Analysis and application of a neutralizing linear epitope on liable toxin B of enterotoxin Escherichia coli  Download
 Source Magazine:  Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology
 Used Products  E-EL-P0038

 Reference Title:Involvement of Immune Responses in the Efficacy of Cord Blood Cell Therapy for Cerebral Palsy  Download
 Source Magazine:  Stem Cells and Development
 Used Products  E-EL-H1539   E-EL-H0951   E-EL-H1655

 Reference Title:17β Estradiol Modulates Perfusion Pressure and Expression of 5-LOX and CYP450 4A in the Isolated Kidney of Metabolic Syndrome Female Rats  Download
 Source Magazine:  International Journal of Endocrinology
 Used Products  E-EL-R0014   E-EL-R0016   E-EL-R0019   E-EL-R0011

 Reference Title:Orexin A-mediated AKT signaling in the dentate gyrus contributes to the acquisition, expression and reinstatement of morphine-induced conditioned place preference  Download
 Source Magazine: Addiction Biology
 Used Products E-EL-R0693   E-EL-R0644  

 Reference Title:Les biomarqueurs des calcifications vasculaires : quelles limites analytiques pour leur transfert de la recherche bioclinique à la pratique ?  Download
 Source Magazine:  Annales de Biologie Clinique
 Used Products E-EL-H1440  

 Reference Title:Vibrio vulnificus VvpE inhibits mucin 2 expression by hypermethylation via lipid raft-mediated ROS signaling in intestinal epithelial cells  Download
 Source Magazine:  Cell Death and Disease
 Used Products  E-EL-R0573

 Reference Title:P2RX7 sensitizes Mac-1/ICAM-1-dependent leukocyte-endothelial adhesion and promotes neurovascular injury during septic encephalopathy  Download
 Source Magazine:  Cell Research
 Used Products  E-EL-M0018