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Obstetrical and Gynecological Diseases-Ovarian cysts


An ovarian cyst is a fluid-filled sac within the ovary. Often they cause no symptoms. Occasionally they may produce bloating, lower abdominal pain, or lower back pain. Most women of reproductive age develop small cysts each month. Large cysts that cause problems occur in about 8% of women before menopause. Ovarian cysts are present in about 16% of women after menopause and if present are more likely to be cancer.

ELISA Kits for Ovarian Cysts Research

Cat.NoProduct NameDetection RangeSensitivityTest Method
E-EL-H1124Human FSHR (Follicle Stimulating Hormone Receptor)ELISA Kit 0.31--20ng/mL0.19ng/mLSandwich
E-EL-H0601Human BRCA1 (Breast Cancer Susceptibility Protein 1) ELISA Kit0.16--10ng/mL0.09ng/mLSandwich
E-EL-H0910Human TP53 (Tumor Protein p53) ELISA Kit78.13--5000pg/mL46.88pg/mLSandwich
E-EL-H0587Human BMP-15 (Bone Morphogenetic Protein 15) ELISA Kit 0.16--10ng/mL0.09ng/mLSandwich
E-EL-H0666Human CTNNβ1 (Catenin, Beta 1) ELISA Kit 0.16--10ng/mL0.09ng/mLSandwich
E-EL-H0602Human BRCA2 (Breast Cancer Susceptibility Protein 2) ELISA Kit0.31--20ng/mL0.19ng/mLSandwich
E-EL-H0616Human MUC1 (Mucin 1) ELISA Kit0.16--10ng/mL0.09ng/mLSandwich
E-EL-H2182Human KRAS (V-Ki-Ras2 Kirsten Rat Sarcoma Viral Oncogene Homolog) ELISA Kit0.31--20ng/mL0.19ng/mLSandwich
E-EL-H0240Human ARO (Aromatase) ELISA Kit0.16--10ng/mL0.09ng/mLSandwich
E-EL-H0059Human EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) ELISA Kit 3.91--250pg/mL2.34pg/mLSandwich
E-EL-H0014Human E-Cad (E-Cadherin) ELISA Kit0.16--10ng/mL0.09ng/mLSandwich
E-EL-H0636Human CA125 (Carbohydrate Antigen 125) ELISA Kit  3.13--200U/mL1.88U/mLSandwich
E-EL-H0111Human VEGF-A (Vascular Endothelial Cell Growth Facyor A) ELISA Kit 31.25--2000pg/mL18.75pg/mLSandwich
E-EL-H1133Human ERα (Estrogen Receptor Alpha) ELISA Kit 62.5--4000pg/mL37.5pg/mLSandwich
E-EL-H1629Human EGFR2 (Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor 2)ELISA Kit125--8000pg/mL75pg/mLSandwich
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