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Custom Monoclonal Antibody Services


Antibody is a kind of protein that is most widely used in the field of biology and medicine. Antibodies, as the preparations for disease prevention,diagnosis and cure, has already had more than 100 years' history of development. Elabscience, which has the top technology for antibody service and professional technicists of antibody, can meet all of the customer's needs for antibodies with one-stop service. The antibody services we provide include: expression of recombinant proteins, design and synthesis of polypeptide antigens, production of polyclonal antibodies, production of monoclonal antibodies, antibody modification, antibody purification, immunoassay, etc.

Custom Monoclonal Antibody Services

Elabscience's monoclonal antibodies are produced in hybridoma cell lines derived from the fusion of myeloma cells and antibody-producing B-lymphocytes.

Elabsciece offers a variety of hybridoma development packages and monoclonal antibody production services. Customers are able to customize their own packages. Our experienced customer representatives will help you select the best service for your specific needs.

HostCat. No.NameAntigenTimePrice($)
BALB/C mouseEMM001Protein A Affinity -purified Monoclonal AntibodySupplied by  Customer23-25w4000 more
EMM002Protein A Affinity -purified Monoclonal Antibody Antigen  by Elabscience25-27w5300more
EMM003Protein A Affinity -purified Small Molecular  Monoclonal AntibodySupplied by  Customer27-29w7000more
EMM004Monoclonal Antibody for the Same Antigen with  Different Sites Antigen  by Elabscience33-40w6000more

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